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Boston Medical Experience

Medical Experience that Inspires the Future


The Boston Medical Experience was created to provide students with opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. Through visits to well-known laboratories, mobile clinics, and exchange with medical students, participants can have a great idea of what a medical career looks like.  



Participants learn from medical students about the responsibilities and challenges that come together with being a doctor. They visit mobile clinics like the one of Harvard Medical School, The Family Van, and local nonprofit organizations like The Pine Street center for the homeless. As they learn from medical students about the challenges of serving the community and facing real social problems, they discover the other side of being a doctor: the one of giving back to the community. 




Touring the best medical schools around Boston and hearing from medical researchers at well-known institutions are the plus of the program. However, participants will also learn about Boston's rich medical history, and great hospitals like MGH and its amazing discoveries.


If you desire to learn about the medical field before committing to it, you should participate in this program!

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